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Post-Secondary Interpreting Screen: Recognition for Interpreters

Interpreting Screen Info and Preparation Guide - ACE-BC 24

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The Post-Secondary Screen is designed to closely emulate a real life classroom situation through the use of recorded video segments. The goal of the Screen is to provide hiring institutions with the assurance that screened Registered Sign Language Interpreters have shown that they meet or exceed the minimum skill set required to successfully interpret in the Post-Secondary setting.

The Screen requires the interpreter to

  • Interpret a classroom lecture into ASL
  • Interpret a classroom lecture into contact sign
  • Interpret an interaction between a Deaf and hearing student preparing for a presentation
  • Interpret the Deaf student’s portion of the class presentation.

The Screen consists of two versions, should an interpreter be unsuccessful on one test version he/she will be provided with the other version for the following attempt.

Process and how to register:

Written Test –Please email to get the Screen written test. Email ACE-BC with your completed copy.

NOTE: You can find the answers in the BC Interpreting Guidelines document.

Application – When you receive your successful screen results you can complete your application form (Check Screen Test tab)

Application must include copies of the following:

  1. Confirmation of graduation from Interpreter Education program
  2. Successful completion of the ACE-BC written test
  3. Confirmation of success on CASLI Written Test of Knowledge (optional)

Email completed application to

Cost – Cost of the screen is $184.00 by cheque or money order only, payable to: ACE-BC

Setting a Screen date – When your application has been submitted and approved by ACE-BC you will be contacted via email to discuss the best date and time for you to take the test.

Day of the Screen –The Screen is offered online, using the GoReact video platform. You may choose to complete it remotely using your laptop, or it can be administered in the ACE-BC office.

Interpreting Screen Assessment criteria – The Screen recordings are reviewed by a trained team of Deaf and hearing raters. They will look at the ASL, contact sign and message equivalency of the interpretations in a holistic, success oriented manner. They will review how well the interpreter understood the source message and created an equivalent target message. The raters are not looking for perfection, they are looking to ascertain if the interpreter can demonstrate the skills necessary to be successful working in the post-secondary setting.

Results – Results will be emailed to the candidate typically within 4-6 weeks of the Screen testing date. This can be impacted by availability of raters and other unforeseen circumstance.