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Reducing the Barriers Faced by DeafBlind Post-Secondary Students: A Resource

DeafBlind post-secondary students face a significant number of barriers to equitable inclusion in post-secondary institutions (Arndt, 2011; Chanock, 2010; Ingraham, Belanich, & Lascek, 1998). This resource outlines key questions, considerations, and knowledge that are fundamental to both understanding and reducing the barriers faced by DeafBlind students.

Through this resource, we hope to support post-secondary access professionals who are working with DeafBlind students. The resource outlines key questions to consider when working with DeafBlind students and  some of the services and technology commonly used by the DeafBlind community. However, it is very important to note that the DeafBlind community is extremely diverse and varied and that DeafBlind people use a wide range of approaches to communication and navigation.

 PCAS DeafBlind Resource Paper

 DeafBlind Recommendations for Policy