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TypeWell Remote Project

In addition to the TypeWell Transcriber Shortage Project, and additional project was designed to further address the service delivery of remote transcribing which emerged as a topic of concern and was one of the recommendations to be addressed from the shortage analysis work.

Remote TypeWell is the provision of TypeWell real-time speech-to-text service where some, or all, TypeWell transcribers are not physically present in the location where communication is taking place (such as a classroom). It requires that post-secondary institutions have the ability to provide high-quality and stable audio access to the remote transcriber(s). This is often achieved via Skype or similar programs using a robust wireless internet connection, though some post-secondary institutions have reported using a high-quality telephone system.

While the service itself is relatively easy to use once established, the process of preparing to provide the service for the first time was reported to be a significant barrier for many institutions—particularly those with limited resources. The goal of this resource is to reduce the challenges faced by post-secondary institutions in preparing to provide this valuable service for the first time. This resource and its appendixes contain both high-level considerations and practical information. Of particular interest will be the step-by-step guide to preparing to provide remote TypeWell service for the first time, contained in the section titled Remote TypeWell Preparation Guide. Information Sources In order to ensure the relevancy of this document, a community needs assessment was conducted by PCAS in 2019

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