Module 1 Essentials for Getting Started

Leaving the wonderfully supportive environment of high school and all of the people who have been your guides and supporters can be hard. Making the transition into college or university can be an exciting process but can also be a bit scary as well. Transition planning is a team effort that includes many support persons as well as the student. Although it may seem overwhelming to sort though all the choices and details that are necessary, being prepared with a clear plan will allow you to effectively manage the process and take responsibility for your educational and career and future employment decisions. Unlike your experience in high school, in college or university, it will all be up to you.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify how college/university is different than high school and plan for the changes you will encounter
  2. Demonstrate/identify personal awareness of strengths, interests, and needs
  3. Determine your educational goals and schools
  4. Define the elements of effective transition planning
  5. Describe the steps (map/plan/timeline) in your transition planning process 

The Big Idea

You are in the driver’s seat to plan for your future! You get to determine your educational and career goals and plan how you will achieve them. Now is your opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools through this online course TIPS, that will support your journey of independently taking control of this exciting time in your life and to become a true self-advocate in order to fulfill your goals and dreams.

*As you work your way through the modules, there will be many sections with information that you will want to keep. It will be useful for you to download and print these as you go, for your records and to help organize your planning. We recommend creating a binder or a digital folder that will help you keep all your reflections, important resources, check lists and tips together in one place.