Disclosure at an Interview

We have just explored the meaning of human rights, discrimination, harassment. Based on that information, please read the case scenario below and think about how those concepts might apply to the following situation. 

In hopes of getting a nursing practicum at a hospital, Mary has disclosed that she is Hard of Hearing. During the interview, she is asked for more information about how being Hard of Hearing will affect her ability to communicate with patients. Mary is uncomfortable and unsure what to say because there can be situations where she might miss what someone is saying. This makes her concerned that it may affect whether or not she gets the practicum if she chooses not to give more information.

Please journalize or record yourself in a video that explains the following:

  • What are your initial thoughts about this scenario?
  • If you were Mary, how would you respond to the interviewer?
  • Does discrimination take place in the scenario? Yes or No. Please explain.

In the case expressed earlier, does discrimination occurred in Mary’s job interview? Was it similar to your answer?

Discrimination has not yet occurred. However, Mary is not required to share information about her hearing status and/or disability unless the information pertains to her need for accommodations. If Mary does not get the job because of her hearing status and/or disability, this would be considered discrimination.