Module 5 Navigating Disclosure

What is Disclosure All About?

As discussed in Module 2 on rights and responsibilities, disclosure is a choice.

Disclosure is initiated and dictated entirely by the student. When, how, and who you disclose to will look different for each student. When registering and disclosing with the Accessibility Office, the hearing status is kept confidential between the student and the Accessibility Advisor. Disclosure to instructors – by letters given by students or the Accessibility Services will focus on the accommodation that will be provided to remove barriers. You can choose also, what you wish to disclose to you classmates, should you decide to. It’s entirely up to you.

If you use sign language to communicate, in certain situations, your hearing status will become obvious. Depending on the situation, this may or may not be problematic for you. If you don’t use sign language, or have another disability, then sometimes having a conversation that discloses your needs can be stressful. Being prepared for these situations, while understanding your rights and responsibilities, and confidently self-advocating are essential skills to managing the stress that can come with disclosure.

Whether you are discussing your needs in the classroom, preparing for a practicum or engaging with other students and campus life, conversations and disclosing needs may feel uncomfortable or stressful for you. This module will is designed to help build clarity and confidence in communicating your needs.