Module 8 Managing Your Well Being

Module 7 has taught you that you are not alone in your journey to get a post-secondary degree and to develop a career. The important thing to remember is to reach out and not isolate yourself. You have lots of avenues for support and you get to lead the way in designing your future!

Module 8 will focus on teaching you tips and tricks to managing your stress. One of the biggest factors to reducing stress is effective time management and setting priorities. The other factor is developing stress management techniques such as physical exercise, breathing, muscle relaxation exercises, and meditation.

Self-advocating, disclosing your hearing status, gathering financial resources as well as personal resources and networks can be stressful. On top of that, post-secondary education itself puts stress on you as you learn to manage your time, work on and hand in assignments, take exams, and participate in  practicums or preceptorships.