Your Human Rights Are Protected

Additionally, here are seven discriminatory practices that are prohibited by the BC Human Rights Code. This means that you are protected by law and are entitled to freedom from discrimination and harassment based on your hearing loss or other disabilities.


Take a look at the following image.

Can you recall an experience when you felt discriminated against? If yes, did you feel confident and prepared to respond? Why or why not? Were you aware that it was discrimination at the time?  

Now, please take a moment to look at the following comparison images and provide a written reflection (in your ePortfolio) of the difference between the two terms: equity and equality. What does this mean to you as a student with communication access needs?

To clarify these two terms further from a disability perspective:

Equality is the state of being equal and having the same rights, social status, and opportunities.

  • For example, every student writing their exam in the exact same setting with the exact same time allotment.

Equity allows individuals who are disadvantaged in some way to have equal opportunity and access. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.

  • For example, for students with anxiety, it may be necessary for them to write their exams in a quiet, distraction-free room by themselves to minimize stress and the likelihood of panic attacks.