To learn more about managing your finances, be sure to reach out directly to helpful resources, such as the Student Financial Aid departments at the institution you are applying to. They have helpful information, resources and guides that can assist you with this process. 

There are other community resources that offer support as well, such as the  Canadian Hard of Hearing Association BC Youth Peer Support Program (email: who offer workshops on this topic.

Case Study

Chuck is stressed out because his current grade is 60% after his mid-term exam. He didn’t think he would need an FM System for college but admits he often can’t hear the professor.

He would like to try an FM System for his courses but doesn’t know where to start. He only has $75.00 and would like to use an FM System for school.

Please journalize what should Chuck do?  

Read about Money Management

Click on the link below from WorkBC to learn about Student Budgeting.