After preparing your budget, respond to these reflection questions in your eportfolio with detailed, descriptive information:

  1. Identify and describe two new financial terms have you learned.
  2. Describe two strategies you used to create your budget.
  3. Describe two things that surprised you most about your budget.
  4. Describe two specific additional possible sources of income (e.g. specific scholarships, bursaries, and/or student loans or other possible sources) in order to meet your financial obligations.
  5. Describe two steps you will need to take in order to achieve a more balanced budget wherein income and expenses more closely match.


This module has given you information about getting the financial aid you need for your post-secondary education as well as some tips to budget for and manage your money. You may have realized that managing finances while attending a post-secondary institution can be bit overwhelming, it can be managed if you approach the process step-by-step.

Module 7 will focus on teaching you how to gather the resources and create the networks you need to be successful in your post-secondary education and  your future career.