Module 3 has taught you what types of accommodations you can receive and how to get them. Now that you are responsible for arranging accommodations and requesting services, this also means that you must advocate for yourself with confidence, about the services and supports you require for your success.

Self-Advocacy can be a new experience and even seem like a bit of scary process, but Module 4 will help guide you how to do this. Module 8 will also show you how you can reduce your stress while practicing the skill of being a self-advocate as a post-secondary student.

Tips for Success

  1. Read the information regarding Access to Success Training for Requesting Accommodations.
    • Make notes and define the information you need so you can successfully request accessibility services.
  2. Go to The PCAS website and watch the introduction video for Post-Secondary Access Services.
  3. Click the PCAS website link below and watch the video on Student Resources.
  4. Click the PCAS Link for – Faculty and Staff Resources to learn about these resources.
  5. Read the article in the link below to learn about Accessibility in Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada.