Design a Budget: Helpful Worksheets  Use this as an easy reference to the StudentAid BC budget worksheet, or check out this resource from the Budgeting For Student Life to get a better understanding of how to plan for your financial needs. This is one of many resources found on this website. Upload the worksheet to your eportfolio. 

Planning Your Budget

Part 1: Determine your assets and expenses to start designing your budget

Collect the following information by speaking to the appropriate people and researching online from the institution you will be attending.

You can use the StudentAid BC student budget worksheet, to get a better understanding for how to plan for your financial needs.  (Once completed, save the information to our notes).

The table here gives you a basic resource to help get you started in thinking about all of these important considerations.

Personal savings account
(not counting parental contribution)
Yearly tuition
Bonus – find out which part of tuition you can opt out
Registered Education Savings Plan
Books, stationeries, other supplies (estimate)
Yearly income from part-time work
(do your best to estimate)
Yearly living costs (on or off-campus), including food
Other assets
Hearing aid/cochlear implant batteries
(total cost in a year)

Part 2: Determine the cost of new hearing aids/cochlear implant processor upgrades/communication devices.

  1. Make an appointment with your audiologist. Find out what the new devices cost. Obtain a quote and include it in your expenses column.
  2. Select a communication device on that you will purchase. Write down how much it will cost.

Part 3: Exploring scholarships

Search for two other scholarships not included on the list that you will apply for. Share the information with your TDHH/HRT who can support you as you explore various options of support.