Module 9 – In Closing

Summary of the Course – Congratulations!

Male student completed the learning path of these eight modules, ready for post-secondary studies. His parents are wishing him well on his journey ahead.

Congratulations on making your way through the 8 Modules, which were created to help you prepare for your transition into college or university! We hope the information has prepared you for this big step and that you are feeling confident with knowing what to expect, what your rights and responsibilities are as well everyone else you will be working with in your educational studies.

With this understanding, you can take charge, advocate for yourself and ensure that your needs are met and that you take good care of your well-being. Most importantly, being prepared will support your success as you learn, make new friends and pursue your dreams and goals for your future!

You’ve got this! You have lots of support at school and in the community and the tools to help you succeed. Be sure to reach out to all of us – we’re here for you!

In summary, here is what you have covered in the modules. Be sure to review again if necessary. Ask questions along the way as you get ready for and start your studies.

Module 1: Welcome/Introduction and Overview of the Transition course.

Module 1 explained what the Transition course was all about and what you learned.

Module 2: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Module 2 taught you what your rights and responsibilities are regarding accommodations. You have learned that everyone is entitled to equity, dignity and respect and that everyone is entitled to freedom from discrimination. These rights are protected by law. The access that you are looking for is equity vs. equality because equity is giving everyone what they need in order to be successful.

Module 3: Managing Accommodations

Module 3 taught you what types of accommodations you can receive and how to get them.

Module 4: Becoming a Self-Advocate

Module 4 taught you what it takes to be a self-advocate. You may have realized that the only person who can truly determine what you need to be successful is yourself. Self-advocacy skills are critical for your success as you navigate post-secondary education and a career. The good news is that you do not have to have all the answers now. Self-advocacy skills are skills that you develop over a lifetime and are learned on a case by case situation.

Module 5: Navigating Disclosure

Module 5 taught you about disclosing your hearing status and/or other disabilities. You may have realized that disclosure can be a positive experience if done correctly and it will help you on the road to success.

Module 6: Getting Financial Aid/Managing Money

Module 6 taught you about getting the financial aid you need for your post-secondary education as well as some tips to manage your money. You may have realized that managing finances while attending a post-secondary institution can be bit overwhelming, it can be managed if you approach the process step-by-step.

Module 7: Creating Resources and Networks

Module 7 taught you that you are not alone in your journey to get a post-secondary degree and to develop a career. The important thing to remember is to reach out for resources and create a network of allies.

Module 8: Managing Your Well-Being

Module 8 focused on teaching you how to manage your stress and on creating a path to well-being so that you keep yourself healthy while pursuing your post-secondary education. There are lots of tips and tricks to managing your stress. One of the biggest factors to reducing stress is effective time management and setting priorities. Another important factor is developing stress management techniques such as physical exercise, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, and meditation.

These tips for well-being can be used throughout your entire life as you manage the stress of a career, relationships, etc.