These are some questions that can help you choose the where and how you wish to study. After you have reflected on these questions from the quiz “What are Some of Your Interests and Goals?” and recorded your answers, you may wish to discuss these with a classmate, your teacher, or possibly a student who is already studying or completed their post-secondary education. One of the key factors to your success in your college or university experience can be described in two words: Be Prepared.

The more you know about: 1)  yourself, 2) the choices and supports that are available and 3) what will work best for all of your academic and personal needs, the easier it will be for you to design your transition plan and your future success in college or university.

Disclaimer: it’s perfectly okay to be unsure about what you want to do in life; it takes time to figure out where your passion, skills and strengths truly lie. Many people find themselves in careers that had nothing to do with what they learned in school. The truth is your passion will change over time.

People may have at least 2 to 3 career changes in their lifetime. Having the knowledge and skills needed to deal with such transitions is essential in today’s world. It is important to start the planning process early – even starting in middle school will lead to a strong transition process.

It all comes down to finding a place to start and then building in frequent check-in points, to ensure you are on track! Everybody started from somewhere, so listen to your heart – it will lead you to new experiences where you will find more clarity.