Reflection/ Discussion Questions:

Take some time to reflect on your personal thoughts and experiences around disclosure. In your ePortfolio please journalize the following: 

  1. Has/Have your experience(s) been positive or negative?
  2. How did the other person or people respond?
  3. How did this make you feel?
  4. Does disclosing your hearing status or disability cause you stress?

Now take some time to think about and write down how you might disclose your disability. Feel free to look back at the tips provided. 

In your ePortfolio, journalize how you would request accessibility services. Write the journal entry as though you were speaking or emailing someone. Describe your accommodation request, hearing status or disability.  


This module has presented information and given you tools you for choosing if, how, and when to disclose your hearing status and/or other disabilities. You may have realized that disclosure can be a positive experience and that it will help you on the road to success. Another critical step in the process of planning your post-secondary education, is to ensure that you have the necessary financial support in place to cover the related costs.

Module 6 will focus on the processes involved in applying for loans, scholarships, bursaries, grants, and financial awards that can help cover the costs related to your post-secondary education and the access you need. It also contains some good advice about how to manage your personal budget while you are a post-secondary student.